Use our User-friendly mobile optimized website and QR code generation application to create your own Mobile Optimized website and generate QR codes for all of your pages.
Place your QR codes on all your advertising and marketing materials.
Scan QR codes to land on your own state-of-the-art mobile optimized website.

Features and Benefits

Custom Look

Unlimited QR Codes

Coupons with QR Codes

Social Media Direct Links

Custom Photo Gallery


Capture and Export Email lists

Link to Online Web Forms

GPS Direction

One Touch Calling

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There isn’t any doubt that technology is a vital and effective tool for marketing your business. There are so many options out there today when it comes to marketing your brand and its message using technology. However, it might be a bit challenging to know which method you should focus on to get the most benefit. The world of technology is rapidly growing and moving fast into a mobile market. Smartphones such as the iPhone and Android are becoming standard devices for everyone…

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Mimbu makes it easy for you to introduce a branded mobile marketing solution for your business and your advertisers in just minutes.  Our user-friendly mobile website builder and QR code generation application will take your business to the next level in mobile technology. Whether it’s for a real estate professional, an artist, a restaurant, a retail business, or just about any other industry, Mimbu can help you bring your and your customers’ online presence into the real world…

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 Mimbu offers several membership packages to meet your specific needs. Whether you are a business or just looking to have your own personal Mobile optimized website Mimbu can help and  has the best rates in the industry.  Or if you are looking to integrate a mobile optimized website and QR code marketing solution for your business and your clients Mimbu can help you become more profitable by offering it’s partners a way to create unlimited Msites at a very low price…

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